Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Teahouse at Stanley Park

Inside View on a Sunny Sunday.

Outside view- gorgeous!

Before coming here I've been told that the two restaurants located inside Stanley Park- Fish House and Tea House - are known for their beautiful sceneries. "Fine Eating by the Atmosphere", as some would call it.

The scenery from Third Beach is beautiful! With views looking from the garden to the outward sea on a sunny Sunday- who wouldn't resist in even taking a look?

We made reservations for this brunch- and I highly recommend doing so especially for days with fine weather like this one.

[Drooling Pictures INSIDE]

The Interior View

 The Menu has an abundance of choices (recommended arrive time around 11:30am) since it has both the breakfast and lunch menu - from omelettes, granolas to burgers. 
Complimentary Bread

My hot water with lemon

Grilled Salmon Burger
 As a lover of fish/seafood, my mom went for the grilled salmon burger on the lunch menu. Though the portion looked small by the appearance, she did claim that she was full after she finished (and of course I ate some of her fries...). Tea House uses OceanWise seafood, meaning "from sustainable resources". 
Smoked Salmon Raft
 Not craving anything too heavy-flavored in the mornings, I ordered this well-rounded dish with poached eggs, smoked salmon, asparagus and veggies. This dish was a mini adventure for me since I'm not a fan of raw eggs. 
Fully poached eggs
 Nevertheless, fully poached eggs are awesome as well, especially with the paired Hollandaise sauce. 

Parmesan Omelette
 My friend ordered this dish - take a look at the size of the actual omelette compared the rest of the dish - bread slices, veggies, etc. This was fulfilling as well but I believe the name of this dish is an omelette? 
Chocolate Milano Cake
The best for last - dessert. I did not order any dessert myself but got to try this one for a taste. It's moist, fudge-y, not too sweet but does need some more chocolate flavour, but that may be a personal opinion.

Before going to Tea House I was notified of the food I did not come with a high expectation of the food, but more expectation for the scenery. Of course, the food isn't perfect (what is perfection anyways) but the scenery does cover up that part. This, might just be a nice balance.

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