Saturday, May 24, 2014

DIY Mother's Day High Tea

The full high tea with mom's newly found Victorian dish set

Loving the royal tea pot!
 Mother's Day these days is becoming more and more like a competition to see who can spoil his/her mothers the best...(at least in my area that is). 
Even prior to the day, my social network has been filled with Mother's Day news feeds:flowers, cakes, more flowers and cakes.........
Come on. One has ought to have more creative ideas than flowers and cakes.

Since this is the last year I'll be spending Mother's Day with my mom before heading to college (hello internet shopping gifts...), I thought - why not make this time the best one yet.

My mom has been really into tea sets lately. This Victorian style tea set pictured in this post (only some parts, the whole set has about 73 pieces) was found on Craiglist (really mom) for $1000. I first had doubts on this idea of buying vintage dishes on the internet but when she brought the whole set home I was amazed by the intricate details on these dishes - they were lovely indeed! These dishes were pass-downs from the seller's great grandmother and since most dishes those days are either sold in pieces or missing, the whole set was hard to find.

Now, let's take a closer look at the menu....

This menu is based on a Chinese-Western fusion theme to satisfy the tastes of Asian parents who also enjoys the delicacies of an English High Tea.
However as I'm also in the middle of #promdiet I've tried to make this menu as diverse/healthily in the ingredients as much as possible. 

The three tiers
Top Tier: Chocolate Hazelnut Linzers (tastes divine)
Middle Tier: Vegan Whole Wheat Banana Coconut Scones w/Maple Glaze
Bottom Tier: Mini BBQ (Cha-Siu) Pork Tea Sandwiches, Spinach with Glazed Tofu Salad, Vegetarian Beijing-Style Jajangmyeon 
On the Side: Matcha Soufflé 
Recipes may or may not be posted.

A nice plate naturally compliments the food which sits on it.


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