Monday, January 12, 2015

Chelsea's Market Adventures

Ever since residing in a college in upstate NY, NYC trips have become a very common break destination for many of us - excited freshman students from the countryside especially (sorry Port Moody). This past Thanksgiving, we chose to stay in the city for around 3 days, and the main goal of this trip? Foodie Tours. Let's start with the heart of the city's foodie destination. 

Street View

Located at 14th St, the market's surrounding neighbourhood is rather quiet compared to the noises of uptown NYC. This is a deceptive appearance as you will soon find out. 

note: food network
 One of our hopes in this trip was to visit the stage of the Food Network, but it seems like that's not a place where one can just walk in to. Until next time Food Network! 

a list of stores
As presented by the giant list of would probably realize by now that the quiet surrounding neighbourhood is purely deceptive. The market was first used as a biscuit factory back in the early 1920s, then eventually transformed to a public food market serving fresh produce, seafood and baked goods every early morning. 

Pasta of all different kind
 Next, we stopped by the infamous Eleni's Cookies. The little store is known for its beautifully decorated sugar cookies. 
The crowds proved the fact. 

Since we visited during Thanksgiving/Pre-Christmas season, the store was mainly selling Christmas and Thanksgiving-themed cookies. Look at how detailed-ly decorated the cookies are! 

 Gift boxes for gifts - a little bit pricey but these cookies are just too pretty to eat.

Near Eleni's Cookies is Amy's Bread - apparently the best bread in the City. I wasn't sure if it really is the best due to my lack of experience and knowledge in bread (something to work on this year? hmm.) but the variety of bread available could support the statement. 

options for bread rolls...
 Now, some more photos of the market...

fresh oysters almost ready to eat

marinated fish fillets ready to be cooked
 Too bad we didn't have a kitchen in our little hotel room. 

 The food court inside the market also had a variety of choices, from yogurt bars, donut shops to vegan sushi.
granola from the yogurt bar

this shop wasn't in our original plan, but ....

fried goodness.
The famous Sarabeth's.  

Doughnuttery on Urbanspoon
fusion-style tacos. 
I was "beyond excited" spotting Beyond Sushi (long heard as that vegan sushi place on instagram and always wanted to try in real life) at the Market. The sushis are 
colourful and probably dietitian-approved. (It's always beneficial to eat different-colored veggies everyday). 

colorful sushis

other vegan goodies sold here
all sushi prepared freshly

Though there were not seats or plates for a seat-in, the takeout boxes were also delicately packed. The mayonnaise and soy sauce were both in tiny squeeze bottles, which makes the plate look a lot more organized as well. 

daily special roll

I forgot the exact ingredients, but vegan sushi does not taste any different than those sushi made with white-rice, fake crab meats, etc. and is actually more flavourful.

Beyond Sushi on Urbanspoon

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