Monday, November 17, 2014

Spot Dessert Bar - KTown Adventures

This past weekend, I went with the Big Red Marching Band to NYC for the football game against Columbia and Sy Katz' Parade, which included marching on 5th Avenue in celebration of Cornell's 150th birthday. Aside from the band stuff, our manager was generous enough to give us around 2 hours of free time after dinner to explore the city ourselves. Guess which rebellious sax end up going dessert-hunting with the clarinets? This hardcore foodie right here. 

Since we had limited time, we ran/walked-like-a-New Yorker to the closest opened dessert place - Spot Dessert Bar's branch in Korean Town. Located on the 2nd floor of a busy food court, the place was filled with people on a breezy Saturday night. 
Part of the Display 
 The cooler had a display of Asian-fusioned (would that be the appropriate word? Correct me if I'm wrong) desserts, including taro cake slices with a mini macaron shell on top, green tea éclairs, etc. Aside from the appealing displays, the Signature Dessert Tapas s are the must-trys. 

With a group of approximately 6 people, I had the chance to try (or watch other people try) 4 out of the 8 signature ones. Unfortunately some of them were not the first choice since the cashier said 4 out of the 8 signature tapas are unavailable, which also happened to be 4 of our top choices (Matcha Azuki, Banocoffee, etc...seriously). Maybe something they can try next time is to state the availability beforehand to avoid disappointment from their long-travelled costumers? Just a thought. 
The Signature: Green Tea Chocolate Lava Cake 
Foodie trips with a Food Science major almost always involves a fun "dissection" of the dish. Ethyn and I both thought the cake had a matcha-infused appearance but lacked majorly on the green tea flavour on the inside. Though beautifully plated, the dish is basically green tea ice cream and chocolate lava cake with minimal green tea taste. Though a little disappointed, this was the least sweet dish out of all the ones we've tried, a favourite dessert for those who can't tolerate over-sweetness, I guess. 

Kombucha Brûlée Cake
 Japanese pumpkin cake topped with walnut "soil" and condensed milk ice cream. Didn't get to try this one personally, but by the speed of consumption, I'm assuming this one tasted pretty good. 
Golden Toast
Due to the unavailability of Banocoffee (1st choice), I've ended up with this new Fall Dessert. The toast "boxes" were toasted to a nice crispness, but the over-abundance of honey made it the sweetest among all the tapas. 
Yuzu Eskimo
Japanese citrus bar with strawberries and chocolate pearls. This one

Overall, Spot did live up to its motto of "a new spin on sweet" with its unique flavour pairings and fusion-ed desserts. Maybe it's because of the crowded food court location, the dessert bar felt more like a mass-production dessert tapa production site rather than the individualized "dessert-bar" feel. Delicious but a little over-priced - Hopefully the main location at St. Marks does not disappoint dessert lovers from all over the world.

Stay in tune for the next NYC/Long Island trip to come! 

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