Sunday, March 30, 2014

DIY Spring High Tea

"ran out of napkins so we're going snowman napkins on a sunny spring day"
 Since the past spring break I've been having this tradition to make a high tea for my friends, both as a celebration for the end of rain season (which is about 1/4 of the year in Raincouver) and just a simple appreciations to my friends for always being there, and to eat my products, good and bad ones. After last year's pot-luck style tea where we each contribute some goodies to the tiers, this year I've decided to challenge myself to go from the bottom up. 

The three-tiered plates and the teacup on the left are from Macy's. I got them from the Boxing Week sales during my Christmas trip to San Francisco.As for the other cups, my mom and I have been into collecting vintage teacups recently (may post a collection picture sometime later) and they're from the numerous thrift/antique stores we went to. They're pretty cheap and are not in bad conditions at all. The other day when I was in an antique store in Skagit Valley, WA, the lady at the store told me that these cups are considered "friendship cups" since we drink and have tea with friends with these cups :) 

 Now, I'll give a brief breakdown of each tier. The recipes for the individual items are found in links as well,with the exception to macarons for now. 
Top Tier
 Top Tier: Matcha(Green Tea) Madeleines, Black Sesame Macarons 
Middle Tier
 Middle Tier: Pumpkin Cinnamon Rasin Scones with Raspberry Jam
Bottom Tier
 Bottom Tier: Bacon, Green Onion, Swiss Quiches and HK Style Sausage Buns
The Sides
More plates of Madeleines, buns, macarons and scones. 


  • Saves you the $$$ from having a $35 high tea from a boutique leaving you still slightly hungry.
  • Fills your appetite all the way through dinner - similar to brunch, this combines lunch and dinner, not sure if there's a word for that.
  • You do whatever you want - make whatever you want, create your own menu, choose your own cups, dishes, guests.
  • Great opportunity to give appreciation - an event of casual girls/friends/family bonding time with no limit in seating time.

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