Sunday, March 9, 2014

Baker's Market 2014: "Vancouver's Sweetest Event"

 So it's "that time" of the year again.
After almost two years of anticipation (one was busy with SATs, APs and whatnots in 2013 :( ), Vancouver's Baker's Market is finally back!
This is the event to go to for bakers and foodies alike, to communicate with other bakers about experiences or just food in general (aka my kind of place).

The last time I've visited the market was back in December 2012, and I was simply fascinated by the variety of baked goods the event offers in such a tiny place. 

Around 12pm at the Baker's Market, always filled with people (hungry people?)

This post contains pictures I've gathered from my first visit and the most recent visit from last week, as they're all simply amazing ❤️
Without further ado, here are some of my recommendations/places I've tried in both visits.


J'adores les Macarons
Peppermint Macaron Lollipops 
 Though I haven't had a chance to try their macarons, their displays are simply amazing even for the sight.
Adorable Macaron Jewellery Box
They also sell these cute macaron jewellery boxes which I immediately fell in love with. Back in 2012 I bought a pistachio one (wouldn't it be cute if your loved one proposes to you with the ring in a macaron box? ;) )
Cathy's Pistachio Box :3

Canele & Honeybun
May I recommend you my favourite booth at the market- Cannele and Honeybun.
And no, canneles and honeybuns are not the only items they sell.
Its owner, Olivia Wu, is a dedicated owner with a creative mind for French pastries. 
Simple ingredients yet delectable taste.

Salted Caramel Sablé
 These Sablés are "to-die-for". Not too sweet yet filled with a mini crunchy buttery taste, with caramel bits in the dents of the cookies and sprinkled with salt. I felt like this was the reason I came back to the market this year...
Bacon Toffee NYC
Though the Bacon Toffee NYC is holiday-limited (Father's Day, Christmas, etc.), the classic NYC cookie (similar ingredients, just without the bacon) is still available on a regular basis.
Holiday Special Oreo Cookie
Cute appearance, soft and chewy details.
Andrea's Oven

 Innovative sugar cookies and cupcakes, need I say more? Got to try their tea-infused cupcakes, which were soft and fluffy. 

Beautifully designed.

 Their cookies are a little bit sweet and crunchy, but they're worth to try just for the appearance.
Minion Sugar Cookie Set ($10/box)
The Bread Lab

 Simple yet flavourful, the Bread Lab specializes in artisan breads at a reasonable price. The foccacia bread on the left was a full tray during my first round, and when I came back there were only four pieces left (?!). 
 Foccacia with organic ingredients! only $2!

Some more drooling pictures...

The Lemon Bar with its lemon bars...neat packaging but the bars were a little bit sweet as well.

Elegant display by the Petit Four Pastries!

"To-Die-For" root chips...bought the garlic one (shown above), $5 and I'm craving for more. 

Anti-Stress Tea for the stressful actually helps. 

To me, the Baker's Market has always been a great event for bakers to "show-off" their talents while sharing their wonderful goodies. As a home baker myself, this is also where I got some ideas for new creations and baking tips. Thanks to Connie, the main organizer and owner of J'adores les macarons, the event was worth the 20km drive from the Tri-cities.

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  1. Love your photos! Thank you for including Anti Stress tea.